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Service includes Medical License Direct, LLC (MLD) administrating and preparing my
medical license application/s and related documents. It does not include the fees charged by
the state medical board/s for application and licensure, various other agencies that charge
for third party verification, or shipping and handling fees. MLD will provide an itemized
invoice showing third party verification fees along with my completed medical license
application for review and signature. MLD will begin pr¬ocessing application/s upon receipt
of this signed agreement and payment. I understand that this application does not entitle me
to a state medical license and that MLD does not issue medical licenses nor provide legal
advice concerning the medical licensure process. Also, medical licensing boards issue
medical licenses; therefore MLD cannot guarantee time estimates. I agree that MLD and its
representatives who provide this information to the state medical board/s in good faith shall
not be liable for any act or omission on my part related to the evaluation or verification of the
information contained in my application. I also understand that incomplete or inaccurate
information, or delays on my part may cause processing delays and additional fees. I agree
to not hold MLD liable for these types of delays. Files placed on hold, after a period of
inactivity of at least 45 days on my part, may later be billed at the current hourly rate to
reactivate file or redo any stale documents. Files may be closed after a period of 90 days of
inactivity on my part, and I understand that additional fees will be required if I decide to start
over. By submitting this form I acknowledge that I have read and agree with these
statements and company policies and services listed on